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This is a modern 1600 sq ft home. On the main level you will find a 4 pce bath and 1 bedroom(Queen + 1 set of bunks). The kitchen, with a dishwasher and all the amenities, dining and living areas are open, spacious and very bright.

Upstairs there is a 3 pce bath and 3 bedrooms(King, Queen, Double). Enjoy your morning coffee or the evening sunset from the master bedroom balcony. From the living area, there is a large deck overlooking the lake. On the lower level(unfinished basement)step outdoors onto your private beach. Have an evening weiner roast or just relax by the firepit at the waters edge.

A very short walk will take you to the corner store and the Elementary School playground.
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House from dock

Front lawn & beach

Living & dining area

Living area


Deep mattress king